We work with your production teams to deliver the best on-site security at your location shoots throughout mainland England and Wales.

Seal5Security will manage crew and staff access and egress from and on set, including restricting public access while keeping in line with your confidentiality requirements.

We will protect your filming equipment on site, during and out of hours to ensure your peace of mind.

Nothing can beat our Security Team, trained and experienced in surveillance techniques and conflict management. Let our security staff be your eyes and ears, conducting regular patrols while visibly deterring would be thieves and trespassers.

Seal5Security takes pride in our vast experience and practical knowledge in managing remote location security from the ground up.

We will recommend the best security solutions based on the terrain, local environment and neighbouring factors that could increase the risk to your site. By implementing positive and preventative measures we are able to reduce and minimise your exposure to risk and vulnerability.

You’ll also find a further benefit to implementing a secure solution is a reduction in your insurance premiums.

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